Most of our lives have hundreds of different seasons to them. Seasons of joy, seasons of sorrow, successes and failures. Circumstances are as never as bad as they seem, and they are never as good as they seem – the hope is that we can embrace every season and let them teach us their lessons…  Gary and I have found that most of our “Learning” or “Wisdom” has come from seasons of pain, loss and failure – seasons of having to live by faith or die.

Like you, Gary and I have touched most of these seasons in life so far, and it is time for a new one. A season of simplicity, downsizing, focus, and a season of re-activating the “Call”. We have moved from our home of the past seven years and into an apartment. We have cut our overhead drastically and we are both working and praying hard to get to our next season.  

Our “Call” is and has always been to serve the next generation. Awakening and activating young people to go and live the dream that God placed in their hearts – and a call to the widow and orphan, to those that cannot help themselves. With thankfulness and humility we are falling back into who we are, we are climbing back to our purpose.

We have been knocked down, stomped on, run over and at times created some of our own pain. Andrew Shearman’s quote is very real, “Die or be killed” – life will try and kill you, the enemy plans everyday how to stop you from breathing – and we have a chose every day to learn from our failures and to die to ourselves. We have to choose every day to keep going – and we have to thrive.  

Please read the email update we will be sending each of you in the next few days; it will lay out our business and ministry plan. It will lay out our strategic plan to get back to leading a generation, planting “The Kitchen-Table” all over the planet, and getting to a place of true thankfulness, humility, rest and simplicity… and, please let us know if you would like to be added or deleted from future updates, thanks!

Gary, Lisa and Noah