Author: Gary Black

The science of daily prayer

One of the questions I am asked a lot by young people is “How do I pray, and how can I pray for longer periods at a time?” It’s a great question that I have seen many, even mature Christians, struggle with. As I study more and as I age, I am experiencing that contemplation and praying the way that Jesus taught us in the bible is a great combination! Prayer can be hard. Especially trying to pray for an hour or more…. I have found a way that has helped me in my daily-prayer life, and I believe it may help you. Between the ages of 16 and 20, I worked my way through college with some professional haberdashers who taught me the science of sales. We sold $5,000 custom suits, shoes that ranged from $90 to over $1,000 and women’s designer clothes that were overpriced. As we gathered at 7:00 a.m. each day to role play and sharpen our salesmanship, our objective was to convince people who made just a few thousand a month to invest their hard-earned money into their wardrobe. Our sales pitch went something like this: “When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re much more effective. When you are effective, you make more money. This suit is not only going to save you money, it will make you...

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Do you believe? Every nation, tribe, people and language.

Living in a country other than your own can be intimidating at times. In Africa, we had a full-time guard who would walk around our property at night, and here in Spain, most people do not speak any English. Lisa and I have gotten pretty good at sign language – well a better term would be “grunting and pointing.” Today is our second-year anniversary; September 15th is when we landed on ground and began living here in Europe. As we have become more familiar with our new home, we have also built up some confidence. Today, Noah William, (14), starts his first day of Spanish-speaking high school. He is texting me the emoji that has the mask over its face right now! He is intimidated and a little sick to his stomach, but he has learned to overcome many of his fears! I cherish the time we had in Africa with our six kids; they can all look back now and see how it formed them and gave them confidence in their adult lives. They are not intimidated by much, and have learned to be successful in most of what they put their hands to. The same is true for Noah; he knows the only way to become fluent in Spanish and have more friends is to join the public school. It will change his life. The same is...

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