Author: Lisa Black

The Art of Letting Go, And Holding On

I was taught to hold on. Hold on to my family, hold on to my comfort, hold on to my life. I was sure I had missed something, or done something terribly wrong when everything I loved and everything I fought for seemed to slip through my fingers. I knew a strong mother once when I was a little girl. She was orphaned and abandoned at a young age, her life was formed through trauma. When she became a mother to three of her own little ones her focus was solely to keep them from any and all harm....

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The girl that falls.

I never wanted to be that girl, but turns out that I am indeed the girl that falls. A lot. Last Sunday, I was laser-focused and oddly excited. For the first time in a long time my schedule was mostly clear. I had no travel for several weeks, limited teaching and minimal meetings. I had just painted our entire little villa. All our linens were fresh and every drawer and closet was perfectly organized, paperwork caught up, messages sent. I felt like I could focus, really focus on two things that were always being pushed to the back of the list. I was finally making real headway at getting healthy again (boxing is a passion of mine and two interns had just securely hung my beloved punching bag!). I had set schedule for concentrated writing (I have no fewer than 4 books that need to be finished, revised and edited). I was feeling incredibly hopeful. In the rushed giddiness I was experiencing, mixed with the warm air and sunshine of spring, I broke my own rule and began mopping our steep, granite steps in my bare feet. Yeah, you guessed it, my feet came out from under me, and I landed on the corner of the granite steps, cracking my ribs, falling further and hitting everything already wounded yet again.  I immediately started laughing and crying in shock and...

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The Upside of Pain

I write a lot about the pain, loneliness and disillusionment that often accompanies grief. I am motivated to be real and vulnerable with the deep pain I have experienced. I have had obvious losses caused by death in my life: a husband, a son, two miscarriages and recently my mother-in-law. I have also experienced less obvious but profound losses of my dreams, relationships and security. Pain is pain. It is not the fun part of the human experience, but it is where we learn and grow the most. I am a changed woman because of my losses, hopefully for...

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