We have been back from Swaziland just over a year now… what a year it has been! For our blended family of 10 years, it has been in our  two most challenging years.

Because we travel internationally as much as we do and work with the poor, orphans and an emerging generation, I thought we would adjust back to American life with a breeze. I was wrong. Let me say, if you are living over seas as a family, or thinking of it; please make sure you sit with people that have done it on both sides and get the WHOLE story.

We did not re-enter properly and it has been a very valuable and hard season for all 8 of us.

The blessing has been watching the kids loose themselves, and then, find who they are again thru the process… most of our six have adjusted now and are back flying in their gifting and life!

Alexis Noelle just returned from a mission’s trip to Nicaragua and is headed over to Spain this October to our G42 Leadership School; she is 18 and out the door!

Tyler started playing Rugby over in Africa and was just named the National Player of the Year for the U.S. 19 and under Rugby association… he has one last season left and will be headed to England to play semi-pro while they pay for his University he is very excited to say the least!

Emily is in dance and enjoying the American life! She wants to get back with us to Swaziland very soon as she does miss the kids; we try to get over every few months…

Michael was named in the top 15 National Rugby Players of the year for the 17 and unders and has just started two-a-days for football; at almost 16, his integrity and love of life will carry him very far!

Caleb went undefeated and won the Gold Crown Basketball Championship and just pitched his team to the Global World Series Championships in Baseball he is VERY 12 right now, but has an amazing tender heart for the Lord.

And then there is our almost 7 year old Noah. He does NOT miss the orphans at all! He does miss Swaziland and Cape Town, but, the orphans pulled at his blond hair and messed with him constantly… he is the only one not looking forward to the next trip to Africa!

Lisa and I are learning how to be Americans all over again and strengthening our marriage and family she was very ill for the past year, but, the Lord has healed her and she is feeling as good as ever; we never did find the parasite or viral infection; thank God for miracles.

I am working on Oil and Gas contracts and some very large Energy projects with our Russian partners. We really believe a season is coming soon for major release of finance for the Kingdom of God! The dream that is becoming a reality is that our foundation will fund “Kingdom” projects; we are not interested in good programs – we want to find young people and the like that have experienced the nations and God’s heart and help them birth businesses, orphanages, community, Church’s and sustainable life all over the planet.

Our first Children’s Village in Nsoko is moving along at a rapid pace as many teams are in and out of there all the time. Pastor Gift is in his gift and is watching the Garden of Eden coming to life right before his eyes!

If you would still like to continue to support what we are doing and help bring life to barren places for orphans, widows and the fatherless you can donate directly thru Every Tribe International (ETI) mail directly to us at 13849, Windy Oaks Rd, CO Springs, CO 80921 (just put ETI on the check for a write off) We continue to support and sustain family’s and individuals in Africa and the more help, the more we can do.

 And/or give directly to the Children’s village in Nsoko here.

We have all heard it; “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey that means more to us every day… we are grateful for all of you.

Gary, Lisa, Tyler, Alexis, Emily, Michael, Caleb, Noah