Well, based on some of the comments it looks like my point in my last blog backfired a bit, I didn’t mean to complain, I really do LOVE my life, and this is the reality of my life right now, racers or NOT….and when ever they are here….they serve, above and beyond, and my kids absolutely have chores, I think it is bad parenting to create dependant children, and I do NOT respect parents who do that. I am sure my kids would tell you THEY do to much…..

I cook because I LOVE to cook, it is my favorite part of the day, and my family really appreciates it, plus I believe the most important family moments happen in the kitchen. Cooking with my kids, and watch them inhale healthy food cooked with love is a bit of a drug for me. Fall is a busy season, and my children are either at work, school or sports. There was a season in our lives that sports was our god, Africa broke that off of us. Now, it pure enjoyment, and very limited outside of football, and I love watching my boys play football more than just about anything. I take an average of 50 pictures a game and scream like a wild woman!

I am married to a Prince who serves me, adores me, and is my partner in everyway! He protects me, and in many ways spoils me. He is up before me everyday reading the word to our children and always wants me to sleep in, and brings me coffee in bed to start my day.

My point was, I CAN’T do it all, and I am NOT supposed to, I am supposed to teach these girls by being real, and living a real life, imperfections and all……I am not choosing martyrdom for the cause, I am living an extraordinary and fabulous life that happens to be very busy right now, SMILE!!!

Thank you Gary for once again revealing too much information, Sunday is our little secret, no one needs to know, but I know you think that is good discipleship, to let young couple know that we have a lot of kids, a busy life and are still deeply in love….what can I say?

But good for you Seth Sr. for protecting your wife, she is a precious jewel and she DOES work to hard! By the way Seth Jr. not only serves me, thanks me and compliments me constantly….no one even has to tell him too….He will make a great husband!

Tammy, thank you for loving me, you are a great and beautiful friend, and I love you too!