Lisa and I went and watched Brad Pitts new movie, World War
Z – I know as Christians we take movies for ourselves much of the time, (Poor
Mel Gibson and BraveHeart)! But, I must say, the movie, for us was very

All of these lame shows about Zombies and the obsession this
generation has with them is scary to say the least. I know many young people
that actually believe in the zombie apocalypse, seriously. Here is what I
believe. We are in the End Times, it started when Jesus went to heaven. For all of you Pre-Tribulation folks you are
going to have a very hard awakening if you have not already had one. We are to
be Jesus on earth; we are to bring the Kingdom of God. If we get to escape
the hard stuff, whats the purpose? God promises we will suffer, life will
suck! However, when we figure out Life is not about me, but, I am about life
things come into order, no matter how hard it gets! I am, we are, the answer, like it or not.

The Moses generation is done, they get to watch now. I am
apart of generation X; we had the promises, we had the message, but, we bought
into the fame and the money. Mega Church, big ministry, being the Man, we let
it take us right down. Generation Y, is exactly
that, Why?! Why go to Church, why trust our leaders, government, and our parents??
They have all lied to us and there is no difference between a rave, a Christian
conference, concerts at Red Rocks, Church, drugs, or.? No power, no truth, and
no substance; the quote that defines them is: “Lets go get a cup of coffee or
kill ourselves”.

And, now we have generation Z being born, the last
generation. I am not saying there are not any more generations, although there is a
part of me that hopes that’s true! We have a generation that is Zombiefied.
They are walking dead that have little to no hope. Why feel anything, why live
for anything? Let’s keep medicating, numbing and running away from the issue. Recreational
drugs or the Pharmaceutical drugs my mom and dad are using; as long as we use
it, we can kill without emotion, we can live with no purpose, and, we can hate,
or kill ourselves slowly because we can’t find our own soul.

Here is what Lisa and I took from the movie; (Hollywood is a
joke, yes. But, we all touch things when the spirit is saying them, even Hollywood).

1. The enemy is alive and vicious. He is fast,
smart, and his only purpose in life is to steal our hope, destroy our vision,
and kill us. If we are not aware of that, and even bigger, if we are not teaching
our kids this and fervently going after the Kingdom then, good luck.

We must be ready and we must be concerned about
our health and fitness. Part of an overweight, obese strategy of the enemy is
to make sure we cannot fight. Much of the Survivalist concern is real;
growing our own food, having weapons, our own water resource is all very real.
Of course, like anything we overdo it, as it will take Faith to overcome and
please God!

3. Family. We must be about everyone, not just our Blood.
The only pure religion is to take care of one another, in our distress! I have met
orphans in Africa, South America, Asia, and Americans with an Orphan spirit
leading large ministries. The real Church is you and I. We serve each others
gift, and we prefer everyone above ourselves. That is the Kingdom, the Church
the only thing that will change the world. When we plant another Church we
are just separating ourselves from the rest again; we are better; if you Go to Church you can leave. Your parents came from two different
blood streams, your children were birthed in different blood streams, its not
about our immediate blood ties, it is about all of us, period. When we learn that, the end will come.

Generation Z needs us. Like Rick in The Walking Dead we stay
alive, we keep fighting no matter what! There is a hope, there is a purpose – it is living for our children – it is living for Jesus Christ – it is time for
an awakening. Either wake up, go get a
cup of coffee, or.

(By the way, some of the thoughts on the generations have come from John Lancaster at amazing and revelatory video’s!!)