June 1 is my bride’s 40th birthday! Lisa-Marie is simply a gift from God…

God gave her to me and my three boys in a very desperate time; she was a widow with two little girls, and we were confused and alone – Lisa nurtured us, loved us unconditionally and put us back together.

A mother’s heart is as important as a father’s heart. A mom teaches us the tender, soft-side of God. She is a nurturing and forgiving; she has serving heart that knows no boundaries in her depth of love for her family. She can discipline be stern and powerful, only because you know it comes from hours of praying, weeping and crying out for her family.

This is my bride, the mother of six amazing children and countless spiritual children; may you all rise up and call her blessed today! Happy Birthday Lisa-Marie

Alexis Noelle put this video together from Spain: