Lisa and I have the very special privilege of coaching these amazing young men and women into the 10/40 Window and Unreached people groups!

We are headed to the 29% of the world, 1 out of every 4 people on earth, that have never heard anything about the man Jesus Christ. Never had a bible, a Church, or a person tell them how loved they are.

Only 3% of all missionaries that are sent ever go to this part of the world, and only 1% of money given to the Church goes to reach these people, only 1%!

More money is embezzled each year from our Churches than is spent on missions.

We spend more money on halloween costumes and our pets in America then we do on missions, world-wide.

2 billion people in our world that have never heard “The Good News”!

I want to ask you to please pray for these 21 brave, a bit fearful, young souls that will be learning what it means to serve the “Least of these” in the hardest parts of our world.

All of us going will be sharing blogs, photos and our experiences – if you would like to dive into this adventure with us, please let us know!

Partner with the black’s and for a generation here

As you know we are living as “Missionaries” here in Spain. Your monthly support and one-time gifts is what sustains us as a family. Please consider investing in us and a generation. We are living with, teaching, training and mentoring our future leaders. Our Foundation is set up in our Michael’s name to honor his passion and a generation through New Horizons and is a public charity. You will receive a full tax-deduction when you partner with us. You are helping us set young men and women on a path of serving their generation with discipline, hard work and accountability. Thank you.