A couple of the World Champion Saints and others went to where Lisa and the kids and I lived in Africa; just awesome! From Elizabeth Adcock blog today… watch the video, very cool!!

While we were in Swazi, some NFL players came to visit!

One of them was Anthony Hargrove of the New Orleans Saints, who had just won the Superbowl only days before. Talk about a crazy cultural shift – from crowds who can’t get enough of you, to masses of kids who are afraid of you! The first glimpse I got of these guys made me burst out in laughter; they were just so gigantic standing next to my Swazi babies! Each NFL player I met was so down-to-earth, and willing to humble himself by fumbling through the Swazi cultural songs and dances. One of my favorite memories in Swazi was doing the hokie-pokie and the harlem shake with the players and the kids. So much fun!

A video was recently posted on the NFL website about their trip to Swaziland. I love it! And yes, I did drive a van just like the one you see at the beginning of the video! The first building you see is Pastor Walter’s church – the church I’ve gone to both times I’ve been to Swazi, and is right down the road from where I lived. The man briefing them is Dennis, the American co-pastor of that church and one of the missionaries we worked with. Check out his Swazi-English! The little girl whose face the camera centers on at the end is Ellie, who was abandoned as a premie at the local hospital but was adopted by Julie, a missionary who has taught the gogos (grandmas) to make purses.

Click here to see the video!