Lisa-Marie and I have been married 10 years as of November 4th! May not seem like a huge accomplishment for all you long-time married people, but… for us, it is a miracle that I am very proud of. They did a documentary of our lives a few years ago; to watch that now and see were we are today still takes my breath away…

Most of you know our story; Lisa was widowed as a young bride and mother of two beautiful daughters. My first wife left our family for another life… God took the abandonment, the tears, the death and brought two family’s together to prove a point.

Lisa-Marie had been widowed for 5 years when I met her; she was strong, independent and focused on her career as a Crises Counselor for the pregnancy center. I was beaten down, lost and fighting for the life of my kids. She had NO idea what God was about to ask her to do… (although she tells me all the time she would do it again)!!

Three wild boys, one broken man and turmoil from our Church, our community, our friends, and on and on… I had a ministry at the time that within a few months of my first wife leaving was gone. My pastor looked at me one day and said, “I know you are innocent in all this Gary, but you are making us look bad, I am going to shut things down” and he did. Lisa stepped in and brought life. She hoovered over all the chaos of our lives and brought order. Adam and Eve were the first people God created: Eve means “Life-Saver” she saved Adam’s life, and, yes, Lisa-Marie saved my life and the life of our boys. We would sneak around the city of Colorado Springs and have coffee at back tables where we couldn’t be seen. It seemed like the world was against us; we know now that wasn’t true – but… it was a crazy, horrible and fun time!

So, here we are ten years later… five teenagers living for God, traveling around the world, and an eight year old Noah that brought our two family’s together.

Happy anniversary Angel, I wouldn’t trade any of it… God takes the weak things of the world and restores, multiplies and turns everything to good – you are still my life-Saver.