If you did not have the chance to read my last blog, please do here. If you did, let’s get to work…

As I mentioned in my last blog, life is hard. We have all been given a gift called “Hard Work” to make our own way – to find our own faith, and to learn from the mistakes of a generation before us has made, and to make things and people on this earth, better. We have no way to short-cut this, no way to get around it. The problem is that we have taught you to try and circumvent the process and in the process we have made you lazy and narcissistic.

From fast food, smart phones, education, addictions, (both medical and recreational), never dealing with your pain, never teaching you how to grieve – with no integrity in Church, business, college professional sports and politics. You have watched our politicians lie, as well as our pastors, football players, baseball – we just watched The World Cup and I have never seen a more elaborate display of total lack of integrity on a field. They fall and act like they are hurt over and over and then jump up and run off! What kind of message does that send to you? Through all of these things, and all of sports, we tell you over and over to cheat, lie and take drugs to be better. Here is the truth – you cannot.

There are great stories and examples all throughout history that prove this time and again; one is the story in Genesis 26 in the bible. Issac the son of Abraham – Issac re-dug the wells his father had dug and he named them the same thing. At first this looks like honor to his dad, but, if you read deeper you see Issac was repeating ‘Cycles’ that his father had set up. Issac lied about his wife Rebekah being his sister, just like his dad Abraham did with his wife Sarah – see God intends for each of us to “Find our own way” all while learning from the mistakes our fathers made, but, it is all around hard work, obedience and sacrifice – things we have not shown you very well… Issac never did get to use the wells he Re-Dug that were his father’s – he had to dig his own to get to water, to life. Read the story; Issac does not make any progress until he digs his own well! As the Rabbis say; God is referred to as “The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.”This is not the same as “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” as it implies that each of us need to find our way…”

Guys, there is no short-cuts to life, period. You have to learn to listen, to hear for yourselves, and obey. Once you step out in obedience, even if you don’t know exactly what it is, your life will be blessed and everyone you encounter will be changed. If you continue to cheat, lie, try and find the “easy” way – if you keep filling your head with noise, depression, excuses, medication; you will never find you. The best you will ever be, is when you are just yourself. We will help you, but you must be willing to work hard, shut the noise off, and start digging your own wells. Are you ready to jump in, even the crap and start bringing life??

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