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This January 28 through February 4join Karen and myself, plus Gary and Lisa Black, on a life-changing vision trip to Nsoko, Swaziland.

You’ll be exposed you to the devastation and beauty of Africa. Swaziland, a nation of a million people, now has highest percentage of orphans in the world. It is desperate for help and the children of Nsoko are among the most needy. By going to them, you can make a difference and your life will be impacted forever.

How Nsoko got started
Lisa relates the story: “One day my husband Gary was showing some of the World Racers an area an hour and half from our home, when they stumbled upon a group of starving children. They had not eaten in weeks, and the grandmother that was trying to care for them was beside herself with grief. She told us she never stopped praying that God would hear her prayer, and send someone to help the children.

The children in this area all have a story. Some are double orphans, meaning both parents have died, some as young as 5 are the oldest living member in the household, and struggle to care for their siblings. The poverty is overwhelming, the number of very small children fending for themselves is heart-wrenching, and the rate of HIV/AIDS affecting every age group of this country is mind-blowing. Yet the vision and hope are inspiring.”

What we’ll do
undefined undefinedWhen the church of America links hands with the church of Africa, miracles begin to happen, for everyone. You will experience the beauty of the land and it’s people, and be changed forever. We will start our days with prayer, and then go to minister by feeding the children, playing with them, holding them, praying for them, teaching them, and singing with them.

We will minister healing to the GoGos and encourage them in their daily lives. We will see the community center and the site of the children’s village you will help build. If you are a doctor or a nurse, you can provide medical care out of our new clinic. We will enjoy genuine African worship and meet the people of Nsoko. You will hear their stories and realize that they are no different than you – they have dreams; they love their children, and life has cost them more than they could pay.

We’ll also spend a few days meeting and ministering alongside a team of World Racers (the team that Karen and I coach) and will see what a lifestyle of radical abandonment looks like.

Where we’ll stay
Nisela Farms, in the LaMatata Guest house, is where we’ll be staying. We are fortunate to partner with the owners of this beautiful game preserve just a few miles from Nsoko. Lions, impala, ostriches, and warthogs wander just a few yards outside our restaurant. One or two afternoons we’ll go on a safari. Breakfast and Dinner will be served there. Gary and I will teach in the mornings and John Kale will lead worship.

Please join us!

Some of you need to scout this out as an opportunity for your church to engage with orphans and AIDS in a meaningful way.

For others of you, it’s just time for you. If you think you might be interested, please put your name down here in the comment section below so we can contact you.

Or, if you have friends you feel need to go, let me know that as well.

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