I have been fighting writing this blog as their has been so much said about Tim Tebow! But, I just couldn’t kick it, (No pun intended)!!

I have been a Denver Bronco fan for all of my life; well… for as long as I can remember. My dad and I would watch the Bronco’s on our little black and white T.V. as I stood and adjusted the aluminum foil on the antenna so we could get snowy reception on channel 2! That will tell you how long-ago I developed a passion for this team!! 40 + years…

The passion was so strong, that the Lord literally impressed upon my heart to not watch them for a couple years. When Monday is either good or bad because of a win or loss, you know something is wrong! So, for two years I did not watch a game, or even read about what happen. It worked! Although I still get very passionate, especially as of late, the outcome does not determine my emotions, or control my attitude; at least for very long!!

As I have watched each game of Tim Tebow’s carrier and the boys and I yell, scream, cry and shout at the T.V. I am left with a strong feeling that this is a picture of many of our lives. Most of life is boring and mundane. Kind of like ground hog day, we get up and do the same routine, day-after-day. We fight with out much success, we try this and that, and we are left without much ground being taken, and then… right as we almost give up, BAM! God does something miraculous in our lives, and we get enough hope to keep fighting!

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray in Matthew 6: 9-13 – verse 11 says, “Give us today our daily bread”. That means to not ask for to much, or to little. In-fact Proverbs 30: 8-9 says, “give me neither poverty or riches, but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise, I may have to much and disown you and say, Who is the Lord? Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.”

I believe the Lord has poured out His favor on this young man, Tim Tebow – not because he wins football games, but, because if he wins or loses, he honor’s the name of the Lord. He is not ultimately moved by the game and it’s results, he is content and gives God all the glory, know matter the outcome. Tim’s play is pitiful, most of the time. His throws are off, he gets a couple first downs the first three and a half quarters of a game, and then…! He gets just enough to get the job done!!

I really do feel like many of us are living the same way. Not much works for a long time – people are critical and out right mean sometimes – but, then… after we keep getting up, putting on our armor, and keep fighting and fighting, God shows up, and we win! Stay steady, nothing in life is as good as it seems or as bad as it seems – keep getting up and fighting every day – He is about to show up!!