I wonder how much more we would love and respect our spouses if we all spent a day in their world? Or anyone close to us for that matter. For example, I wonder how much more children would care for their mothers if they spent their days doing laundry, wiping boogers off antiques, and cooking meals only to hear, ” I am not hungry mom, I stopped and McDonalds after school”…

No, wait this is NOT about me, sorry…

Anyway, I married my husband Gary Black many years ago because I saw his heart, and I saw his anointing and who he was in the spirit. Important fact here; Gary and I were together for years before I ever saw him preach, so it was not a huge stage that attracted me. He was in a very low place when we met having lost everything dear to him the year before, so it was not a “rock-star” status that drew me to him. I saw his heart towards his own children, and his passion for the next generation, I saw authority when he spoke….and I vowed to serve him the rest of my life. There have been times when I have resented his call…it comes with a cost after all. There are times when I have not defended him like I should to people who have judged him, because our life looks different, and most people just don’t get it. There have been times when I have not covered him in prayer like I should, because I have lost sight of who he is and what he needs from his wife.

I am thankful for the last week with him in Manila, once again, watching him give his life away, for the call, for the next generation. He preached his guts out, he cried with the wounded, he slapped the boys and insisted they be real Men, and held little girls while they cried in his chest.

Not everyone may get my man, not everyone may respect him or how he lives, but his wife stands in awe….Visiting him in his “office” reminds me of what his “job” requires,

It would probably do all of our marriages good to spend a day in our spouses shoes, our respect, compassion and love for them would likely grow….

I wonder if Gary will wipe boogers off my antiques tomorrow???