I have been thinking and praying about starting a mini-discipleship series on how to raise “un-emasculated” boys. Boys that know how to be Warriors and Gentleman; The timing maybe off as I have four boys 7 to 19 years old – and they are still “working out their salvation”! But… I guess we all are at some level!!

That “Working Title, Warriors and Gentleman” comes from a statement the USA Rugby coach said to me a few weeks ago. He was speaking of our 19 year old son, Tyler. During one of the USA U19 matches that Tyler was playing in, we took a Thunder and Lighting break in the game… The coach grabbed me and said, “Thank you for allowing Tyler to play with us, I have never met more of a ‘warrior and gentleman’ in all my years of coaching football and rugby, you have done an amazing job in raising him”!

Two weeks ago, our 13 year old son, Caleb was playing Baseball in Cooperstown New York; he hit the only homerun against the team that won the whole tournament out of 100 + teams… the coach of the team called me and said, “Your son is a phenomenal baseball player, but more then that, when I met him he looked me right in the eyes, and spoke to me with as much or more confidence then you would expect a grown man to have! We would like to fly him down to Florida to play in some tournaments this July for us”!

While living in Africa, we had pastors, ministry leaders, business men, professional sports figures that would come in with teams to see our work with orphans. On several occasions, Tyler and Michal, our 16 year old, (he was 14 at the time), would pick these teams up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and drive them on the 5 hour track up to us in Swaziland. And/or they would lead them out to the Care Points and walk them thru our work in Africa. Time and time again these leaders would grab Lisa and me and say, “Your boys are amazing! They are confident, full of life and are fun; how did you teach them at such a young age to be such great leaders?!”

We, (mostly me), have made many mistakes, and, we are still trying to figure out how to be good parents! So, this is not a bragging blog, or series at all, Trust me! I simply want to put a few ideas out there for fathers with younger sons, on how to bring identity, create adventure and how to not raise feminine, un-emasculated men!

If I can help, great; if not, don’t read it… my daughters are two of the most amazing women on earth – I could write pages about how awesome they are!! As they bring their “Boy” friends around the house; As I look around most of our church’s and high-schools – I think the need to raise boys that protect the hearts of these girls – boys that know how to defend them and open doors for them; this is probably more important then about anything else I could do for my precious daughters. And… for every dad out there.