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Lisa Black

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As lovers of everyday life following Jesus, the Blacks believe in being real, being truthful, and helping others to find their voice and purpose. Gary and Lisa have survived many losses, including the sudden death of their 19 year old son in April of 2013, but the message burning within them is stronger than ever. As World Race coaches and G42 Leadership Academy mentors, Gary and Lisa truly believe in the next generation and have committed their lives to encouraging and building up leaders who know who they are.

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You are now able to book prophetic one-on-one soul assessments or marriage restoration sessions and packages with the Blacks. 

Black Tribe Mission Statement

The Black Tribe was created to live in the now, in deep relationship with the Creator and one another. We will fulfill the Malachi Mandate (to turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the children's hearts back to the parents) by awakening a multigenerational movement from a spirit of religion into truth, healing, hope and freedom and to ultimately live as Christ on earth.

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