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Black Tribe.


Gary Black

Gary D. Black is living his dream; he is calling forth young leaders into their strengths and passions through The World Race, and as a Director at G42. Everywhere he goes, he is fulfilling the purpose of his life, the Malachi mandate: to turn the hearts of the parents to the children and the hearts of the children to the parents. Gary’s heart is first and foremost with his children and grandchildren, and with the love of his life, Lisa-Marie.

Lisa-Marie Black

Lisa-Marie Black is in love with her man and enamored with her grand-daughters. Lisa spends her days calling a generation of young women to step into the graceful warrior they were created to be. Lisa casts a vision for the future of females by speaking and writing her books and blogs. Lisa weeps with and fights for the vulnerable. However, she is the happiest when she is laughing with and cooking for the ones she loves the most, those related by blood and also those connected directly by heart.

Our Story

   Gary and Lisa-Marie Black have been married for nearly two decades, raising their blended family from pre-school to now adults with their own families. When they married, Lisa was a young widow with two young daughters, and Gary lost his first marriage and took full custody of his three small boys. When they married, their sixth treasured child, Noah, was quickly added. The Black family was now a blending of hearts, of souls, of vision and calling that would prove to be both miraculous and tragic. Following the years into their marriage, the tragic suicide of their 19-year-old son Michael Ryan Black threatened to silence the Black's voice through grief and despair, yet only furthered their resolve to fight for those who feel lost and unseen amongst the chaos of a broken world. Their past and future journeys of overcoming loss of loved ones would turn out to be the gift and calling of their lives together.

   Together, Gary and Lisa-Marie have not only raised a family, but travel the world to teach, impart and mentor the generation that they have vowed to serve. Lisa's passion for inner-city American youth, combined with Gary's global passion for an entire generation of fatherless young men and women have created a platform of hope, encouragement, and vision for those who have been crushed by pain. 

   Through their struggles to find the Truth in the daily noise of confusion, the Black's have invested their time, hearts, and lives into thousands of people through their mentoring, writing, and speaking to the World Race and G42 Leadership Academy. The Black's believe with passion that we were all born to be loved by our Creator, and impart that message to those who find themselves stuck in religion, shame, and life's challenges.

   Gary and Lisa-Black split their time between Mijas, Spain and Gainesville, Georgia, where they have partnered with like-minded men and women to cast a vision of leadership, missional communities, and the Father's heart to the next generation as well as the seasoned members of their tribe. The Blacks are committed to using their lives to fulfill the Malichi mandate; to turn the "Hearts of the Fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the Fathers." This is the heartbeat behind the Black Tribe and everything we do.

Core Values




Truth in Love




Our Partners & Projects

Gary and Lisa are coaches on The World Race. The World Race is a stretching journey for 21-35 year olds to serve “the least of these” while amongst real and raw community. This unique mission trip goes to 11 countries in 11 months, and is a challenging adventure for young adults to abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it’s not about you; it’s about the Kingdom. 


Gary and Lisa are directors and coaches at G42 Leadership Academy, a 9 month training program designed to transform, challenge perspectives, train and mobilize Christ-like leaders to reveal the Kingdom of God around the world.  Our graduates, and their communities, know who they are in Christ and reverse oppression wherever they work, live and go. We currently reside where the school is located in Mijas, Spain.


Insurance Consultants International (ICI) is a leading global health and travel insurance agency (serving the mission field for the past 17 years) and have partnered with Gary and Lisa Black as they open a European office in Mijas, Spain. The income derived from your purchase will help support the Black’s “tentmaking” business while on the mission field.


We created the Team Black 417 Foundation shortly after we lost our son Michael to addiction. The foundation is dedicated to a generation of young people that struggle with depression, addiction, apathy and mental-illness. Michael’s heart would be to have a holistic approach in reaching every person with physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Visit our page for Team Black 417.

Thank you to the rest of the Black Tribe. You know who you are.

As much as the "Black Tribe" is our own family members, it is also an extension to our closest friends and partners. We would not be where we are without them, and are filled deeply with gratitude and love for the exchange of support that is constantly in flow.

Thank you to Andrew and Mo Shearman, Seth Barnes, The Davis', The Irwin's, Lonny and Teresa Dyer for their deep friendship, covering and true accountability. Thank you to our Children, Alexis Noelle, Tyler Dwayne, Emily Elise, Michael Ryan, Caleb Alexander, and Noah William, you are our life. Thank you to our young couples and the next generation, Ethan Wendle, Major and Brittany Stepp, Emily and Guillermo Morillas, Zach and Meagan Ripley, Ashley Davis, Tiff Handley and many more for their belief in us as Spiritual Parents. Thank you to our friends and partners in the Colorado Springs, Spain and around the globe who we haven't mentioned. The Black Tribe is an extension of our hearts, and we are so thankful for you.

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