Private Sessions:

Prophetic one-on-one coaching.

Full marriage restoration. 

Individualized intensive support and guidance.

Gary and Lisa Black have been discipling, coaching and healing hearts both young and old for over 30 years. They are leaders with a "limp", and know what enduring pain is capable of producing: a heart that is whole and open or a heart that is bitter and hardened. Relationships, pain and trauma have been studied by both Gary and Lisa, and from their gifts they have seen marriages restored, lives aligned and hearts renewed in the lives they've impacted. 

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Gary, Lisa or both will help customize your healing path and get to the root of things quickly.  If you have questions about which session is best for you, fill out the contact form explaining your current place. 

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3. Find your healing path.

Whether you are young and looking toward the future, want to deal with inner work, or going through a marriage crisis, Gary and Lisa will come behind you 100% as you begin your path toward healing and wholeness. 


Now Available:

Full Marriage Restoration Intensive

Gary and Lisa share their own vulnerability as the guide to a thriving partnership in marriage.  They've truly "seen it all" and have experiences and lesson they've learned themselves on dealing with all kinds of marital crisis.


Six private, 1-2 hour long intensive sessions to get to the root of what's holding you back from a thriving and healthy marriage. 

Private Sessions

You can schedule a complimentary 15-30 minutes consultation​ call with the Blacks if you're not sure what type of session is best for you.

All sessions must be paid for beforehand via the donation page.

A. Soul Assessment and Prophetic Life Guidance:

One-on-One Private Session with Gary Black


  • 1 hour Facetime

  • Guided questions/soul assessment 

  • Individualized prophetic life guidance

  • Immediate next steps to take towards growth

B. Wholeness as a Woman:

One-on-One Private Session with Lisa Black


  • 1 hour Facetime

  • Guided questions

  • Individualized path to healing

  • Immediate next steps to take towards growth

C. Marriage Restoration Counseling with Gary & Lisa Black

$100 per session

  • 1 hour Facetime

  • Guided assessment and questions

  • Customized entirely to your relationship

  • Immediate next steps to take towards healing

D. 6 Week Full Marriage Restoration Intensive with Gary & Lisa Black


  • Six weekly 1-2 hour long sessions with both Gary and Lisa on Facetime

  • Guided assessment and questions to get right to the root of issues
  • Prophetic insight and advice
  • Immediate next steps to take towards healing

  • Customized entirely to your relationship

  • Complimentary 1 hour followup call one month after final session

"Without Gary and Lisa speaking into our lives with raw truth, tough love and prophetic intuition, there's no way we would have found the self awareness to find our unique marriage's path to vibrant health and purpose. Gary and Lisa are the best example who display that marriage is the only covenant besides God worth fighting for."


Major and Brittany, Marriage Restoration Counseling clients

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All sessions must be paid for before the session.

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